Instagram Marketing for a New Age


A 2-Hour Workshop to Crafting a Heart-Based Instagram Strategy


Hello Social Media fam, You told us you want help using Instagram. So buckle up and get ready for the ride, This Unicorn and Mericorn are here to be your guide!  

We did a survey on Instagram and you told us that…  

  • You have something to share with the world but you are stuck growing your follower numbers.  
  • You don’t know how to increase engagement on your posts so that they get seen, and at times it can feel like you aren’t making progress.  
  • You have products and services to offer online but you're not sure how to convert your content into sales without getting caught up in writing sales copy that feels inauthentic, or using digital marketing tricks that feel icky.  
  • You have some comparison stuff going on, social media envy, visibility vulnerability… You get stuck in the social media vortex of doom when nothing seems to be working, or you simply don’t feel like sharing or showing up.  

You want to be authentic.  

You don’t want to care about how many followers you have or likes you get - but you can’t help it!  

You don’t want to waste precious time, energy, and effort following all the rules and latest fads, but you don’t know what the other options are…  

Your dream Instagram scenario looks something like this:  

  • You consistently get new, real followers who genuinely care about your business and message.
  • You share your message authentically and vulnerably. Your posts connect to people’s hearts, and this results to genuine engagement.
  • Your promotional posts feel loving and caring, inviting people to join you for an adventure. Your audience welcomes them into their feed, and as a result your business grows organically.  

Turning this dream into reality isn’t as hard as you’d expect it to be...  

After doing a few Facebook and Instagram Live calls together for our communities recently, and having been friends for years, we wanted to create something to help you with Instagram.

We want to offer you our own unique divine mix of information, guidance, meditations and practical tools, whilst having fun in conversation and sharing with you our Instagram expertise.  

We both use a strategy of love in our Instagram marketing strategy, and we want to share this with you. 

Love for ourselves 

Love for our community

Love for what we do

Love for YOU.

Having tried most of the marketing strategies out there, we’ve adjusted a few, discarded many, and created new ones, to craft Instagram Marketing For a New Age

In this two-hour workshop, we’ll share with you our top strategies to attracting followers, increasing engagement, and converting followers to customers.  



The spiritual audience is different from the mainstream one... 

Icky Instagram strategies don’t work with sensitive, highly-intuitive lightworkers. Your audience is becoming immune to formulaic marketing strategies, automated bots, and pushy tactics. 

Instead, your people value realness, heart-based sharing, and transparency.  

Your Instagram marketing strategy needs to reflect that.  

Instagram Marketing For a New Age is a two-hour online workshop, teaching you how to craft an heart-based strategy to grow your business on Instagram.  


During this two-hour workshop you will learn heart-based strategies to:  

  • Consistently attract new followers that genuinely care about your message and business.
  • Create content that connects, moves, and inspires heartfelt engagement.
  • Promote your products and services in loving ways, to successfully turn followers into customers
  • Share consistent content without it feeling forced, or you getting overwhelmed. 
  • Optimise your profile picture, bio, and visual identity so that it communicates your message effectively.  

By the end of the workshop you’ll have a note-filled journal with tactics and strategies that you can use immediately, to craft an Instagram strategy that helps your spiritual or wellness business grow organically.  

“What impresses me most about working with Katie, is her enthusiasm and her efficiency. Even more important, she is produces great results! Thank you Katie.” 

Diana Cooper, Best selling Hay House Author

“George is an old, wise sage in a 21st century New Age format, with an unlimited amount of knowledge! Since I met him incredible things have happened. George was able to read the nuances of my situation without me having to go into much detail, and understood how to help me clarify and take actionable steps towards my life purpose – while being a great friend along the way. As a result of our sessions, I’m now focused towards my life purpose more than ever, and have found the courage to start my own coaching practice.” 

Priti Singer, London

“Katie came to me as a gift from my publisher and from the beginning her intuitive gifts and masterful skill in social media have enhanced my presence in the world exponentially. She is on top of every modality of social media and is immediately available to us - above all Katie is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with on every level.” 

Sonia Choquette, NY Times Best Selling Hay House Author

“Without a shadow of a doubt, George is a healer! He came into my life when I was at a crossroads – unsure about my career path, love life, whether I should stay in London or move back to California – I was lost. Even over email, I could tell George was special. He was kind, thoughtful and just real. Through our online consolation and eventually our session, I was reborn. Never more clear of who I am, what I’m here to do and what’s right for me, I can honestly say I have George to thank for this renewed state of bliss and contentment. I highly recommend a session with him. You’ll never regret it – or be the same!” 

Britney Brix, California USA

“Katie’s soulful and authentic approach to social media is unique and refreshing in a world where likes and followers rule. With Katie’s guidance I reconnected with the soul of my online presence and learned to micromanage the energy and intention I’m putting into my posts. This was crucial for me!” 

Christine Wheeler, Hay House author of Tapping for Teenage Girls

“Working with George was such a powerful experience. Our soul session provided me so much clarity on the direction to move in, and everything he shared was delivered with such love. He intuited a lot of things that I hadn’t fully been able to acknowledge myself and left me with such a strong and actionable game plan for the future. George was able to tune in to some of the wounds that hadn’t been healed yet regarding my health and we did the work to clear it. Following the call, I felt so grounded and able to move forward in my business with conviction (something which was severely lacking before as I continued to second guess myself). It was a great experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of some divinely inspired direction.” 

Emma Oriana, UK



How can I be certain that this will work?  

Right now you’re probably thinking, “I’ve read so many articles and taken so many marketing courses, and I’ve yet to experience the results I want. How can I know that this will work?”  

We know where you’re coming from, because we’ve been in your position not long ago. We’ve read the books, taken the courses, and tried countless marketing strategies to grow our business on Instagram. We’ve ended up with the same conclusion as you: Most of them didn’t work for us.  

But, we didn’t quit. We knew that the spiritual audience is unlike any other audience. Our people are intuitive, sensitive, and relate to the business world in different ways than other people do. We’re part of that world, too, after all.  

Instagram Marketing For a New Age is the outcome of our research, and it’s unlike any other Instagram marketing class out there. We’ve included tried-and-tested tactics, processes, and strategies that feel loving, authentic, and non-douchey, and that work for a spiritually-minded audience.

What’s your marketing experience on Instagram?  

Katie Brockhurst is a social media expert and the author of Social Media for a New Age. She’s been in the online marketing industry for many years, and she works exclusively with authors and businesses in the Mind Body Spirit industry. Her clients have included, Hay House UK, Diana Cooper, John Parkin, and Kyle Gray. (@katiedot_socialmediaangel)  

George Lizos is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, and the author of Be The Guru. He’s been on Instagram since its inception in 2009, and have since then used it to launch a successful spiritual business selling online courses, 1-1 services, and meditation albums. As a result, in 2017 George was able to quit his full-time job and go self-employed with his spiritual business, working primarily via Instagram. (@georgelizos)  

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with us privately on Instagram (@georgelizos & @katiedot_socialmediaangel)

Your Hosts

Katie is the strategist. The feminine energy. Known as the Social Media Angel, Katie intuitively sees what works and what doesn’t and is able to help people find their essence, to create a framework to flow within that transmits their energy authentically. She has been helping people create social media content and connected community for over a decade through her company Kdot where her clients include best selling author Diana Cooper. Katie’s first book Social Media for a New Age came out in July.


George is the planner. The masculine energy. George does the research and trains with some of the top people in the industry. He knows the tools. He tries and tests them and picks which ones feel best and work best for him. He is organised, he is consistent, and he is successful. Author of Be The Guru, this year George left his job to go full time with his spiritual business and uses Instagram as his main tool for reaching people and selling his services and products.