Collaborate with the Universe to Manifest Your Desires

You believe you’re the creator of your own reality. 

Yet, when you try to manifest your desires you’re held back by the following…

  • You doubt your abilities and lack the trust needed to let the Universe support you 
  • You self-sabotage the process by comparing yourself to others 
  • You feel unworthy and undeserving of what you desire 
  • You struggle with letting go. You overthink, try to control the process, and can’t let the Universe do its work 
  • You’re only good at manifesting certain things, but there’s a single area (usually money) that you can’t seem to get to work

The basis behind your manifestation pitfalls is that the processes you use are one-sided... 

Rather than involving Spirit in the manifestation process, most Law of Attraction processes put too much pressure on us to do all the work. 

Do the affirmations. 

Visualise yourself succeeding.  

Create the vision board. 

Where’s the Universe in this equation?  

Where’s that feeling of Grace you experience when you know there’s a higher power holding you, supporting you, looking after you? 

Manifestation isn’t about doing stuff to get stuff. 

It's the sacred act of partnering up with the Universe to co-create your desires. 

It’s about finding balance between actively manifesting and surrendering, in every step of the process. 

In other words, manifestation is divine collaboration. 

You show up, the Universe shows up, and together you create your desires.  

Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of failed manifestation attempts… I’ve struggled, got frustrated, and cried out to the sky in anger, wondering what I’m doing wrong. 

But, that's all in the past. 

I’ve since found a process that strikes the perfect balance between action and surrendering. A process that involves Spirit in every step of the process, and that allows me to have an intimate conversation with the Universe on the way to manifesting my desires. 

I call this process creating Manifestation Altars. In this 90-minute online workshop I’ll teach you how to use it effectively to co-create with the Universe. 



Creating a manifestation altar is about creating sacred space that invites the Universe to collaborate with you in manifesting your desires. It involves bringing together various deities, objects, symbols, colours, crystals, mudras, invocations, and essential oils, that work for you 24/7 in attracting specific desires in your life.  

Specifically, in this one-hour online workshop you will…

  • Learn How to Create Sacred Space as a Portal Between You and the Spirit World 
  • Learn the Essential Aspects of, and Steps to Creating Effective Manifestation Altars 
  • Choose the Right Gods/Goddesses and Spirit Guides to Help Manifest Your Desires 
  • Use Mudras, Invocations, and Essential Oils to Amplify The Manifestation Process 
  • Utilize the Principles of Feng Shui to Best Position Your Altar 

You will also receive printable worksheets you can use to plan your manifestation altars, and manifest specific desires.  

By the end of this workshop you’ll know how to create effective manifestation altars that balance action and surrendering, and invite the Universe to co-create with you.  

“I recommend George for anyone who wants to turn their home into a sacred place. We were blessed to have him come and give a house clearing (which felt more like a house blessing!) and are still feeling the results.” 

Rebecca Campbell - Bestselling author Light is the New Black, and Rise Sister Rise

“My living space was feeling heavy and stagnant, my husband and I weren’t sleeping well and the cat was crazy a LOT of the time. I purged the things I no longer needed, I smudged and filled it with crystals, yet it still felt dark every time I entered. George, through careful questioning, was able to get to the root cause of the darkness within ten minutes of us both talking – that’s how good this dude is.  

I’m struggling to find words to describe the magic that George creates in his space clearing sessions, but just know that it IS magic. Hours after the session, I returned to the house and the cat was asleep in the living room and didn’t even stir when we walked through the door, our sleep is much better and undisturbed and I actually love working from home now. George is not only a magician when it comes to space clearing, he should also add ‘calming cats’ to his job description too!”  

Lisa Lister, Bestselling author of Witch and Love Your Lady Landscape


How is this process different from other Law of Attraction processes?

Most manifestation processes are about faking it till you make it. You're supposed to affirm or visualise your desires already manifested, or create a vision board and pretend it's real. Creating a Manifestation Altar is both about focusing your intention on your desire, but also about calling in spirit guardians and the Universe to support you. Therefore, a big part of the process is about surrendering the struggle and the expectations for results. 

How do I know if this class is for me?

This workshop is for anyone who has trouble consciously manifesting their desires. If you're an overthinker that tends to sabotage their manifestation efforts by trying too hard or taking score too soon, this process will help you find ease. If you're all about surrendering and not taking action, the workshop will help you focus your intention in a balanced way.  

What happens after I reserve my seat?

As soon as you reserve your seat you'll receive an email confirming your purchase. I'll then email you within 24 hours to send you the Access Link and worksheets. 

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with me privately on Instagram (@georgelizos) or join my Private Facebook Group Your Spiritual Toolkit

Your Host

George Lizos is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, and the author of Be The Guru. He has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Metaphysical Sciences, and has studied sacred space as part of his BSc in Human Geography. He is the creator of A Course in Instant Manifestation, and he's a certified Elemental Space Clearer. George's purpose is to help lightworkers find, follow and fulfil their life purpose, manifest their desires, and create positive change in the world.