An Online 90-Minute Workshop to Meet and Connect With Your Spirit Team

You are never alone.  

At all times you’re surrounded by spirits, angels, elementals, spirit animals, Ascended Masters, saints, and other benevolent entities ready to offer their support and guidance. 

Some of them, like your Guardian Angels, are with you throughout your life. Others come and go depending on what you’re asking for and working on.  

Your guides’ purpose in working with you varies from helping you follow your purpose, manifest your desires, learn important soul lessons, and navigate life on Earth in the easiest way possible.  

There are innumerable types of spirit guides that support humans but the most common ones are: 

  • Angels 
  • Archangels 
  • Elementals 
  • Ascended Masters 
  • Departed Loved Ones 
  • Spirit Animals 
  • Gods/Goddesses 
  • Past-Life Friends 
  • Extra-Terrestrials 

The amount and types of guides you may have depend on many factors, such as: your Soul Realm, past-life contracts, degree of spiritual ascension, your ancestry, the life lessons you’re here to learn, and your personal desire to connect with the spirit world.  

Meeting your guides for the first time is a sacred experience. 

Although it may seem like they’re external forces, they’re really part of, and extensions of, you. Connecting with them feels like aligning with the purest, happiest and most awakened version of you.  

My guides saved my life...

When I was a depressed teenager with no friends or people who truly understood me, and still deep in the spiritual closet, my spirit guides were my only source of love and acceptance.  

I knew that no matter how lonely or challenging my day at school would be, I’d come home and hang out with my spirit friends. They’d comfort me, guide me, and eventually instil in me the courage I needed to follow my dreams.  

If it weren’t for my spirit guides I’d still be that same timid kid, paralysed by fear and afraid to share my truth with the world. 

Working with your guides on a daily basis can truly transform your life and ease your way to following and fulfilling your life purpose. That’s why I created Meet Your Guides: A 90-Minute Online Workshop to Meet and Connect With Your Spirit Team



The benefits of connecting with your guides are innumerable, but here are the most important ones.  

Connecting with your guides can help you:  

  • Never feel alone again, as you’ll always have spirit friends who love you for who you are
  • Receive instant guidance on questions and concerns you may have 
  • Understand yourself on a deeper level 
  • Get clear on what your life purpose is 
  • Receive moment-by-moment guidance on following your purpose 
  • Clear psychic attack and shield your energy and aura 
  • Enhance your intuition 
  • Explore your past lives with ease 

These are just a few of the results you can expect to experience at the end of this online workshop. 


During this online 90-minute workshop you can expect to:  

  • Meet and connect with all of your current spirit guides. You’ll learn their names, how they look, and their purpose in working with you. 
  • Get an overview of your soul’s journey of ascension and identify the stage you’re at in your journey. 
  • Identify the blocks that keep you from experiencing fulfilment in your life and receive clear guidance to break through 
  • Receive specific guidance from your guides as to the steps you need to take to follow your purpose.  
  • Learn powerful processes to connect with your guides in clearing, shielding, and protecting your energy.  

By the end of this workshop you’ll have a list of your spirit guides, their names, purpose in working with you, a deep understanding of who you are on a soul level, and specific guidance on following your life purpose. 


“I recommend George for anyone who wants to turn their home into a sacred place. We were blessed to have him come and give a house clearing (which felt more like a house blessing!) and are still feeling the results.”  

Rebecca Campbell, Bestselling author Light is the New Black, and Rise Sister Rise

“George is an old, wise sage in a 21st century New Age format, with an unlimited amount of knowledge! Since I met him incredible things have happened. George was able to read the nuances of my situation without me having to go into much detail, and understood how to help me clarify and take actionable steps towards my life purpose – while being a great friend along the way. As a result of our sessions, I’m now focused towards my life purpose more than ever, and have found the courage to start my own coaching practice.”  

Priti Singer, UK

“Without a shadow of a doubt, George is a healer! He came into my life when I was at a crossroads – unsure about my career path, love life, whether I should stay in London or move back to California – I was lost. Even over email, I could tell George was special. He was kind, thoughtful and just real. Through our online consolation and eventually our session, I was reborn. Never more clear of who I am, what I’m here to do and what’s right for me, I can honestly say I have George to thank for this renewed state of bliss and contentment. I highly recommend a session with him. You’ll never regret it – or be the same!”  

Britney Brix, California USA


“From the moment I met George I knew immediately that he was one of my Earth Angels. His inner light shone so bright, and he is one of those people that when he looks in your eyes it’s like he sees straight to your soul and really sees who you are at core. When he informed me he was a Spiritual Teacher I booked him immediately, and from session one I felt very empowered. Being one of George’s clients remains a pivotal moment in my life – it was time to be me and the Universe had sent me the perfect teacher. The coaching sessions and homework he set for me helped me embrace the next chapter. I recommend George wholeheartedly. His Spirit radiates an energy that brings comfort to clients, and to me he is one of God’s Lightworkers.”  

Rhonda J Mason, UK


I have trouble visualising and receiving intuitive messages... Will I still be able to connect with me guides?

Absolutely! We communicate with our guides in different ways. Some people are visual, others are auditory, but most experience their guides as a feeling and a knowing. I'll take time before we go into the meditation journey to give you guidance on how to get accurate information from your guides based on the way you receive guidance. 

What if I don't have any spirit guides?

This is not possible. We're all born with at least two guides, our Guardian Angels. As we go through life we attract other guides that help us explore life and follow our purpose. If you identify as a lightworker, then you likely have a rather large spirit team comprised of elementals, angels, Ascended Masters, and other spirit guides. 

Is it possible to encounter any negative spirits during the workshop? 

So called "negative spirits" are simply being-less, manifested thought-forms that have no power over us, other than scare us. You won't encounter any of these entities during the workshop as I'll cast powerful protective layers of light around us, and set the intention of only encountering positive light-beings. 

Remind me, what will I leave this workshop with? 

By the end of this workshop you’ll have a list of your spirit guides, their names and purpose in working with you, a deep understanding of who you are on a soul level and where you are on your spiritual journey, powerful processes to working with your spirit guides in clearing and protecting your energy, and specific guidance on following your life purpose. 

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with me privately on Instagram (@georgelizos) or join my Private Facebook Group Your Spiritual Toolkit

Your Host

George Lizos is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, the author of Be The Guru, the creator of the Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course, and the host of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast. George has been helping people connect with their spirit guides for over 10 years via his online workshops and private intuitive sessions. His purpose is to empower lightworkers with spiritual tools and guidance to follow and fulfil their life purpose in creating positive change in the world.